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Monday, 2 April 2012

The 31Day Fat Loss Program - The Best Way To Lose Belly Fats

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is a powerful fitness program that helps people losing belly fats in an easy way and short time , It's one of the most popular and effective diet programs ,so it's one of the top selling fat loss programs .     
This weight loss program was developed by Vic Magary, an Ex-Soldier from the United States Army and professional fitness trainer; vic personally used this program himself and he lost 19lbs of difficult belly body fat also he helped many people to burn fat and lose weight naturally and to feel healthy within 31 days

Dr. Ron Hekier, M.D. – head weight loss surgeon for the Bariatric Surgery centre of Texas has endorsed the 31 day fat loss program, saying it gives fantastic results for people of all levels of fitness.
The Author guarantees that you can lose up to 10, 20, or possibly 50 pounds of belly fat within 31 days

In The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program

No need to starve yourself
No need to eat tasteless diets for days
No need  to do long and boring cardio exercises
No need to spend hours in gym doing hard exercises
No need to buy expensive abs crunching machines or fitness equipments
No need to wait for a long time to get a good shape


Who will benefit from 31 Day Fat Loss Cure?

No matter if you are a guy or gal, no matter if you are a man or woman, no matter how many times you tried to lose weight and you failed ,it's  for any age regardless of how bad the genetics make up, so it's for anyone wants to lose weight and wants to have a good shape

What's inside the 31 day fat loss cure ? 

1. The workout section

It includes useful and easy to follow videos that teach you the essential exercises that are featured in this weight loss program, the videos are well explained to help you performing the workouts properly
 Workout can be done right in your living room that takes about 10-20 minutes a day
and if you like going to the GYM ,GYM program will be included, that's focused around body weight exercises and dumbbells

Two main levels of fitness workouts are included

The first level is the Beginner workout program
That's perfect for people who haven't been active or just getting started
The second level is the advanced workout program
That's for people who already have some experience in the field of exercise

2 . The diet section

It will provide a useful and easy to follow nutritional guidelines  
It will reveal examples of some of the diets that will help boost your body’s fat burning ability.
It will talk about many fat loss secrets for example the so called health food that secretly makes you fat
It will provide many diet plans to choose from without the need to starve your self
It includes a simple vegetarian fat loss diet plan

31 Day Fat Loss Cure ''Dirty Little Secrets''

Vic magary had talked about little known four secrets in his fat loss program that are an effective solutions for losing 20.3-50 lbs in short time ,so it's very important to know it in order to lose weight

Dirty Little Secret number 1:

You will learn how to do exercises that will short force your body to burn calories for the next 36 to 48 hours your work out; it means literally you are burning fats while you sleep

Dirty Little Secret number 2:

It will talk about the most of the so called health food you eat that are the exact foods that are making you fat.

Dirty Little Secret number 3:

It will show you that the AB exercises like stomach crunches and sit-ups are worthless for burning belly; the secret is working smarter not harder 

Dirty Little Secret number 4:

It will show you how to do your workouts properly so that you continue losing weight, even months into the program

Other secret tips you will learn from the 31-days Fat Loss Cure guides :

On page 15  You will know the number one mistake that 97% of people make when trying to lose fat that keeps them soft and flabby
On page 19  You will learn the six little known exercises that skyrocket your metabolism through the roof, allowing you to burn fat more than doing crunches or cardio workouts

On page 47 You will know four ingredients that absolutely MUST stay away from if you want to lose your stubborn belly fats which is 80% from our daily food

On page 45 You will know two more so called ''health food'' that secretly making you fat

On page 15 You will learn a unique 'trick'' for setting up your workouts so that you will never miss another work out

On page 38 You will learn the infamous 15 minute workouts that burn up to 9 X TIMES more belly fat than traditional cardio.

On page 44  You will know 7 little known diet foods that burn belly fats quicker than any diet pill or supplement on earth

On page 17 You will learn a weird mindset trick that will guarantee that the fat you lose will last forever. Most people don’t understand this and this is the reason why they end up losing weight and putting it all back on.

31 day fat loss cure is not available in any store. It is only available online as a digital download and now also as a physical product with free shipping only through this website.

What is the price of The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program?
The original price is 369$,but if you order it now you will get it just for  $39.97

And you will get

2 Easy Payments Of $39.97 + Free Shipping
And you will get 100% LIFETIME money back guarantee! If you don’t lose at least 10 lbs of stubborn belly fat or if you not satisfied for ANY reason, all what you need to do send the program back and you will refund 100% of your purchase (your return address will be provided with your order).
Here is exactly what you will get shipped to your door with 31 day fat loss cure program

1.  31 Day Fat Loss Cure 68 Page Manual ($127 value)

That will include step by step 31day fat loss program with little known fat burning workouts , These workouts can be done right in your living room with absolutely
  • No equipment
  • No dumbbells
  • No pull up bar
and if you like going to the GYM ,GYM program will be included, that's focused around body weight exercises and dumbbells 

2. Vic’s Fat Burning Cookbook

 It tells you exactly what foods to eat and what foods to stay away from without the need to starve yourself or count calories in this plan and it doesn't feel like a diet
Special section for vegetarians and vegan customers.

3. When you order the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program you will get  6 bonus products for

FREE that worth 369$

 FREE Bonus #1: Live Video Coaching 3 people through the 31 day fat loss program ($47 value)

FREE Bonus#2: 58 minute fat loss'' Success Blueprint '' Audio interrogations ($47 value)

 FREE Bonus#3: Exercise Database  ($27 value)

FREE Bonus#4: 29 minutes fat loss secrets interrogations Nutritionist Tips withnutritionist Isabel de los rios  ($47 value)

FREE Bonus#5: “Operation Get off the couch and get in shape” Motivational Audio Program  ($27 value)

FREE Bonus#6: Instant access to the digital version of 31 day fat loss cure ($47 value)

31 Day Fat Loss Cure is an effective and guaranteed fat loss program for anyone wants to lose weight in short time and less effort ,in order to have a healthy life and good shape.